Often, at the base of personal, interpersonal, and societal violence, failure, and despair  - there, like a snake coiled in a dark corner of the basement - lurk emotions unrecognized and uncontrolled.This classic, groundbreaking book by Harvard professor Daniel...

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Flowers for Algernon

Many years ago, a correctional officer who cared deeply about his charges formed GED classes, organized other educational opportunities in partnership with the correctional library, and facilitated discussion groups to encourage the detainees to reflect on their...

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In the Beginning Was The Word

Over and over we read stories of those who found their way out of illiteracy by using a dictionary as the break out tool in their struggle to learn and succeed. The story of Malcolm X is perhaps the best known. Illiterate and incarcerated, he taught himself to read...

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Color blind or color brave?

On our website under "Causes and Solutions" racism is listed as one of the many root causes of intergenerational incarceration. In this Ted Talk by Mellody Hobson - Chicago finance icon - she examines this issue at a personal level and makes recommendations for...

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From Jail to Yale

In this video Charles "Roc" Dutton encourages imprisoned young African American men to put prison behind them and make their lives count by getting connected to their humanity and preparing for the struggles their freedom will entail. In his internet biography, we...

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Twenty Million Dollar Secret in a Song

A young child once asked Mr. Rogers, "What do you do with the mad that you feel?" Fred Rogers' response to that child - really to all children, of all ages - became a short song. That song gently validates the child's emotion of anger, gives guidance on how to vent...

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Anything is possible?

How did a wrongfully convicted 14 year old go from being scared and hopeless to being free and feeling "Anything is possible"? "By any other name" he traveled The FREADOM® Road! Follow John Bunn's incredible journey in the Resources section of our...

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Poems by Heart

Memorizing great poetry is perennially recommended by educators. This recommendation is especially important for the incarcerated self-made scholar. Chicago's legendary entrepreneurial educator Marva Collins encouraged students "to memorize famous poems of their...

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Queen Mother Reverend Helen Sinclair -ordained worldwide minister, National Director of Jessie "Ma" Houston Prison Outpost of Rainbow Push Coalition, and one of our Board members - once commented that "In prison, education is often a do it yourself proposition"....

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Prayer is Practical

Studies have shown that the act of praying benefits the one who prays in terms of emotional and even physical well being - regardless of the person's faith affiliation. Written by internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and media personality Marianne Williamson,...

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It’s Not Over Until You Win

Les Brown, preeminent motivational speaker, media personality, and an author has a history of inspiring people from all walks of life, ethnicities, genders, and ages. His own life is the model for his winning philosophy and advice. Born into poverty, raised by a...

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