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November 13, 2021

This book is the ultimate weapon in the war of words waged on the SCRABBLE®️ crossword game board.

Intended first and foremost to be fun, playing Scrabble®️ often deteriorates into a fierce fight over a word. Is it allowed? Is it not? Blood need not be shed nor nerves be jangled when, with one swoop into the pages of The Official Scrabble®️ Players Dictionary, the question is settled, and peace – and fun – restored.

As in each new edition of this classic reference work, the sixth (2018) edition is expanded to include many slang and technical terms in usage since the previous (2014) one. New words include listicle, Bitcoin, facepalm, and emoji, among others.

Whether the Scrabble®️ war of words is for fun or fight, winning it is a sure thing with this “book- weapon” ever at the ready.