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October 30, 2021

“I read it every two or three years to keep my drive going.”

Who would say something like that about a book that was originally published as long ago as 1937?

The answer is none other than Daymond John – Founder and CEO of FUBU apparel and Co-Star of ABC TV‘s Shark Tank.

Why would he say that? Certainly, he has access to more recent, up-to-date books in the self-help and business success genre. Millions of them – many of them bestsellers – have been published in the more than eight decades since Think and Grow Rich first appeared.

He would say that because Napoleon Hill’s book is a proven motivator, because it is the classic on which other books on this topic are built, because the fundamental principles in Think and Grow Rich are universal and timeless and do not change despite changes in thought fads, styles, and technology.

These fundamentals are mined from Napoleon Hill’s personal interviews with 500 of the wealthiest and most successful people that have ever lived, including John D. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Woodrow Wilson, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, and Andrew Carnegie.

Perhaps the best message of this book is that the “secrets” of success revealed by these 500 people are available to everyone equally. The book tells not only what to do, but lays out a blueprint of how to do it. As one reader said:

“Buy it… you have a book. Read it… you have a blueprint. Do it… you have the world.”