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Programs & Services

How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book.
Henry David Thoreau

CEV (Children Exposed to Violence)

In partnership with the Office of Violence Prevention and Behavioral Health in the Chicago Department of Public Health, we are promoting awareness of this threat to children.

Returning Citizens Reentry

Reading resource support for recently released prison detainees who are on probation or parole.

Alma Mater Books

Curated collection of books for the incarcerated.

Freadom® Families

In partnership with family support organization Family Focus in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, families with children ages 0-3 receive new books, current magazines, resource materials, book character dolls, book cases, get connected to libraries, visit bookstores and are encouraged to create home libraries.

John Stephan’s Escape from the Jeopardy Zone

Initiated with – and inspired by – John Stephan, former officer of the Kiwanis Club of Lakeview – Chicago, and legendary former Club Director of the Chicago Boys and Girls Club of Logan Square, this legacy program, funded by the Kiwanis Club of Lakeview – Chicago, aims to reverse the dire prediction of future incarceration for third graders falling below proficient in national reading test scores through partnered reading promotion activities, incentives, whole family engagement, custom home libraries and strategic community connections, especially libraries

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