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June 26, 2021

They were children, boys with the same name. They were related – not by blood – but geography. They grew up within blocks of each other in a part of Baltimore known for its poverty, violence, and generational hopelessness. Better said, they grew up in the stranglehold of the small space on earth they chanced to “land” in – destined to live a life of hardship, crime, early death, and/or imprisonment. Indeed, one of them fulfilled that predicted destiny and is serving a life sentence in prison for murder.

The other one escaped that fate. He became a Rhodes scholar, bestselling author, decorated combat veteran, White House Fellow, business leader, and – as of June 7, 2021 – candidate for Governor of Maryland.

What is truly the difference between being able to travel one road versus the other? This book – as does its Young Adult adaption, Discovering Wes Moore – asks and answers that question.