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Rolling Red Library

October 21, 2023
We recently celebrated the culmination of a series of contributions that now fill our large red “Library on Wheels” with specially selected literacy materials for “John Stephan’s Escape from the Jeopardy Zone” program for Logan Square at Funston Boys & Girls Club.

Pictured in front of the Rolling Red Library (left to right) are Club Director Jennifer Barrera and Maria Hayley, Founder and President of the Freadom®️ Road Foundation. Maria is also a member of the Kiwanis Club of LakeView which completely funds this program. Many Kiwanis Club members also personally selected and purchased numerous additional materials.

Contents of the Rolling Red Library include hundreds of reading, writing and drawing materials including books, bilingual materials, art, crayons, coloring pencils, sketchbooks, and other known literacy enhancers.

These items are used by Jennifer and her dedicated staff to coordinate with their program activities including their recently established initiative of training older students enrolled in the Club’s After School program to read to the younger ones on a regular basis.

The program serves approximately 60 students grades K – 5. Most are bilingual or new immigrants. They are helped learning English with these materials. Language mastery is a key to success in school and staying out – or getting out – of the “Jeopardy Zone.”

The “Jeopardy Zone” refers to the high risk of future incarceration of children reading below grade level by end of third grade. The program was co-created by, and named after, longtime Kiwanian and former Logan Square Club Director John Stephan.

The goal of the three way partnership among Logan Square at Funston Boys & Girls Club, The Freadom®️Foundation, and Kiwanis of LakeView is to provide children with “a way out” of the Jeopardy Zone – all the while having fun!