Chicken soup, known for its healing powers of physical ailments, has its psychic and emotional counterpart in the healing power of words. Like other books in the classic bestseller “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, this volume lives up to expectations.

Inspiring stories, poems and cartoons fill the pages. Entries are short – no longer than a few pages. A pertinent, equally inspiring quotation heralds each story.

Contributors include Nelson Mandela, astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., radio personality Tom Joyner, Reallionaire author Farrah Gray, Lisa Nichols, General Colin L. Powell, Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, and Sojourner Truth, among others.

Best of all, this book – while distinguishing and celebrating the African American spirit, culture, history and experience – also demonstrates the common human experience – and thereby, when read by people of all cultures, contributes to the hope for healing of all.