(Heal your life)

From the moment it made its entrance on the world book scene more than thirty years ago, You Can Heal Your Life has been a powerful force for self-awareness, inner healing, and transformation. Testimonials from millions of people across the decades give evidence of this. Here are just a recent few:

“This book is the best book available if you want to have a wholesome, happy life.“

“This book of Louise’s has been with me for decades and I always turn to it when something is amiss within me. A lifesaver!”

“I was fortunate to have a friend show me this book years ago. The concept of how our thinking and beliefs can directly affect our health was amazing to me. Learning what we can do about these beliefs, seeing the results, getting better, feeling better, changed my life!”

The commemorative edition of You Can Heal Your Life is a fitting tribute to this enduring, life-changing, international bestseller. You can order it here for yourself or someone else. Perhaps that “someone else” will someday also say “I was fortunate to have a friend show me this book years ago… It was a lifesaver!”