“Wisdom is the principal thing.” – Proverbs 4:7

Dr. Mike Murdock has made the study of wisdom his life’s work. He has shared the results of his study in his innumerable television appearances and in the hundreds of books he has authored. Yet, in this short book of only 66 pages, he has been able to distill his vast knowledge into 7 key principles for quick and easy access for anyone interested in success and leading an uncommon life.

Although based on the Bible and Christian ethics, the 7 wisdom principles, like the “Golden Rule,” may easily be adapted and applied to any area of life or endeavor. These Laws are:

  1. The Law of Difference
  2. The Law of The Mind
  3. The Law of Recognition
  4. The Law of Two
  5. The Law of Place
  6. The Law of Honor
  7. The Law of The Seed

“Laws matter. More than Miracles…Fate…or Luck,” concludes Dr. Murdock.

Read, study and treasure this book to know how and why implementing these 7 laws prove Dr. Murdock’s statement true.