This iconic question is still being asked.

An iconic book – How to Win Friends and Influence People – still proposes some answers.

This book was one of only nine books recommended as “Iconic Reads,” a few years ago, in a magazine honoring the Top 100 Executives in Corporate America. Why?

Beyond race, gender, ethnicity and economic or social standing exists the most basic element of all – the human being. “Getting along” is at the heart of peace, harmony, and success in any human being’s endeavors – whether personal, business, or social.

In any age, from the stone age to the digital age, the essential psychology of a human being remains the same. It is this essential sameness that this book addresses, and perhaps explains why after more than 100 years after the author’s birth, it is still – despite some dated language and examples – relevant, a steady all time best-seller, and sought out by millions over the “here today, gone today” books of the hour.