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​Thoroughly Good Marshall and the U.S. Constitution

August 28, 2021

Thurgood Marshall, an American legal and civil rights icon, began a special relationship with the United States Constitution early in life.

Originally named Thoroughgood – after a great-grandfather – Thurgood Marshall was not only intellectually formidable and conscientious, but sociable, and fun-loving as well.

It was his fun-loving side that occasioned his lifelong dedication to the Constitution. While in high school he was assigned to read it as a consequence of a youthful prank. Young Thurgood turned this to his advantage by not only reading it, but immersing himself in it. By the time he graduated, he had memorized it in its entirety. It was to be his constant companion through life.

His thorough knowledge and understanding of it became the springboard of his reforms, defenses, and successes.

Every American – and aspiring American – would be well served to own, read, and understand it.