June 17, 2019, brings us the 30th edition of the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s KIDS COUNT® Data Book – one of the most reliable sources of data about the well-being of children.

The Data Book tracks 16 areas of child-well being across four domains – health, education, family and community, and economics – both by national trends and state rankings.

The “best of stats” reveals that “in the United States today, more parents are financially stable and living without burdensome housing costs. More teens are graduating from high school and delaying parenthood. And Access to children’s health insurance has increased compared to just seven years ago.” But this good news is not equal for all.

The “worst of stats” tell us that “The risk of babies being born at low weight continues to rise, racial inequities remain systemic… and 12% of kids across the country are still growing up in areas of concentrated poverty.” Racial and economic inequities, as seen in obstacles to resources for children of color living in poverty, have “persisted stubbornly” throughout the thirty-year history of the publication of the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s KIDS COUNT® Data Book.

Behind these statistics, is the simple, ever worth repeating message that “ALL kids have incredible potential and deserve an opportunity to thrive.”

Organizations and individuals who care about children and strive on their behalf can rely on the KIDS COUNT® Data Book as both guide and encouragement for their much-needed work.

Download the PDF version on the ANNIE E. CASEY FOUNDATION website.