Stories from Shakespeare

"Gateway to Magnificence"

It has been said that culture is knowing the best that has been done and said in the world. Few would argue that the works of William Shakespeare rank among the best. Yet too many people, while knowing of Shakespeare – do not know him “really.” They have not personally experienced the wonder, joy, pathos, and endless range of other emotions, thoughts, and inspirations evoked by his dramas, comedies, characters, and verse.

The impediments to “really” knowing Shakespeare include Elizabethan vocabulary, forced introduction to Shakespeare through required high school reading lists and the fact that most of the works are meant to be acted rather than read.

These impediments are removed by Marchette Chute’s book. In it “She opens wide the gateway to the most varied and glorious world ever created by one man.” In her short, easy to read re-telling of all the thirty-six First Folio plays, she provides an essential introduction and insights to Shakespeare’s intricacies of character, plot, and language.

This timeless book is a treasure for anyone who treasures culture. For the “Shakespearean beginner” it is a gateway to magnificence. For the “Shakespearean veteran” it is a lifelong companion.