Meditations: An Emperor's Guide to Mastery by Sam Torode

Mark Twain once said a classic is “a book which people praise but don’t read.” The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius – one of the great emperors of ancient Rome – is a classic which people praise AND read.

In fact, The Meditations have been praised and read for centuries. They have been relied on for inspiration and advice on finding inner peace in times of outer turmoil. “Retreat into your inner sanctuary” writes Marcus Aurelius. As if answering ‘Yes!” many have followed his advice, including John F. Kennedy who always kept a copy of The Meditations at his bedside.

More recently, Sam Torode, a writer and book designer, while seeking relief from the pain of divorce and economic disaster, began reading self-help and philosophy books profusely. Of the countless books he read, he found The Meditations to be one of the two that were most effective. Through The Meditations he found the relief he had been seeking from the pain and gained a new peace – despite the outer desperate reality of his situation.

To share the happiness of his “discovery” Sam Torode has rendered a new version of The Meditations in simple, up to date language. In any language – ancient or modern – the Emperor Marcus Aurelius – through his Meditations – imparts practical, wisdom for all ages and times.

Read and Praise!