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Remembering Dr. Rita Simó
This week we are mourning the loss of Dr. Rita Simó, longtime Board Member and Honorary Lifetime Trustee of The Freadom®️ Road Foundation.

Dr. Simó was a lifelong fighter for justice through music, arts and education.

Although she was a brilliant performing artist, officially designated by her native country as the National Concert Pianist of the Dominican Republic, she was not satisfied with personal achievement and glory. Putting aside her concert career, she spent the rest of her life fighting for free access to high quality music education for those who would otherwise not have access to it for lack of ability to pay.

Today she is best known for founding the People’s Music School, the only free music school of its kind in the country. However, Dr. Simó’s life extended – and extends – beyond the boundaries of that public achievement. She was mentor to anyone – and there were many – who crossed her path, including the founder of The Freadom®️ Road Foundation. Having access to books or access to music, regardless of ability to pay – that is justice. “Never let anyone say you can’t do something,” she counseled the fledgling founder of The Freadom®️ Road Foundation. So the fight for access to opportunity for all – whether through books or music – goes on, bouyed by the timeless and fearless spirit of Dr. Rita Simo.

Dr. Rita Simó, center, is pictured with two of her former students, Maria Hayley, (Left) Founder of The Freadom®️ Road Foundation and Fran Lubahn, retired professional opera singer.