for Books, Justice and Peace
Pictured left to right: John Bunn and Liska Blodgett

On Monday, December 3, 2018, a landmark meeting took place in New York City.

Maria Hayley, founder of The Freadom® Road Foundation, headquartered in Chicago, met with John Bunn, founder of the Brooklyn, New York based non-profit organization A Voice 4 the Unheard – an organization dedicated to justice and equality for all by promoting books, reading and positivity as both prevention and intervention to incarceration – and Liska Blodgett, New York City resident who founded Peace Museum Colorado and Peace Museum Vienna.

The three founders discussed ways their organizations could share resources, efforts and ideas to further the goals of enhancing and transforming the lives of children, teens and adults at risk of poverty, violence and intergenerational incarceration through books, reading, self-empowerment and pursuit of individual and world peace.

Initial plans include writing and disseminating a biography of inspiring role models – including the biography of John Bunn who, though wrongfully convicted, endured years of incarceration; creating a published list of relevant reading materials and holding a joint fundraiser in Chicago.