Lifetimes is a book whose subtitle says it all: “The Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children.” The beauty of this book is threefold.

First, the physical book itself is beautiful, with its large, page size illustrations incorporating “gorgeous wording.”

Second, the quiet simplicity of its message is beautiful – that everything living has a lifetime – a span of time in which to live – and that this is a natural order of things, equally for people, animals, pets and plants. A quiet simplicity can be soothing in time of sorrow – a time when the soul is troubled, inwardly turned, and often too grieved to tolerate “noise,“ needless complexities, and other intrusions.

Third, the universality of its reach is beautiful. Although designed as a children’s book, it appeals to children and adults alike.

After more than 25 years of practice, a child psychotherapist who works with bereaved children considers this book to be “by far the best, most concise and direct (without being heavy handed) and most beautiful way to approach this subject, even with adults.”