with your resume - after reading, studying, and applying this book.

The author, Martin Yate, CPC, is a New York Times bestselling author many times over. With “more than thirty years experience in the field of resumes, job search, and career management” his expertise and reputation are legendary. This book has been in print for decades – with new editions published regularly to reflect changing trends and developments.

The wisdom that remains constant throughout each edition is the guidance provided to present oneself and one’s abilities in the absolute best light possible to a potential employer. This begins with advice on how to get past the very first hurdle- the “six-second scan test.” This test refers to the first few crucial seconds an employer takes to glance at a resume – no doubt just one of many similar-looking resumes crossing his/her desk. These few seconds usually determine whether the applicant is ruled out as a potential employee or whether he/she is allowed to proceed to the next step in the hiring process – the interview.

To get to the destination of being hired for a job, follow the leader in the job search field, and read, study, and apply his book.

The Power of I Am - Cover