EASY AS 1. 2. 3.

1. SAY “I AM” — — — —


3. CREATE A NEW FUTURE – “Whatever follows the ‘I am’ will eventually find you.”

“The good news is you get to choose whatever follows the I am.”

“Two words that will change your life today” – the sentence on the cover of this book – is no idle boast. Over and over, people who have read this book or have gifted it to loved ones testified to the transformative power of “I am” in this easy-to-read and provocative book.

One of the most moving stories was from a mother who initially bought it for her husband and herself but before reading it gave it to their 13-year-old son. The child, though academically bright, was reclusive, depressed, “hiding in his room” and unable to relate to people. Three days into the book ”all that changed”… He started coming to me and hugging me and telling me he loved me… he seems ok with life in a way I have not quite seen before. He is coming out of his room. He is talking more. It is a good response. This book is a conduit of hope and love for my child.”

It is a “conduit of hope and love” for all ages and spiritual traditions.

The concept of the power of words in personal transformation is not new. It has long been a tenet in both spiritual and secular literature. However, Joel Osteen has presented it in a way that cuts to the core of this message in an easy, fast-paced, effective, and, yes – enjoyable way.

Joel Osteen, the author of numerous #1 New York Times bestsellers, Senior Pastor of America’s largest congregation in Houston, Texas, was named by numerous publications as “one of the most influential Christian leaders in the world.”

The Power of I Am - Cover