April 24, 2021

The author of Having it All, John Assaraf, was also featured in The Secret – a landmark book and film that has become a worldwide phenomenon. The Secret popularized the law of attraction – based on the foundational existence of vibrations – as key to creating personal success and new realities.

Although written prior to The Secret, Having It All seems to dive deeply into The Secret’s “mystical” aspects and resurface with an above the ground practical “version” that serves as a nitty-gritty guide to discovering dreams, designing blueprints to achieve them, and providing targeted exercises that retrain and strengthen the brain to persist throughout this sometimes seemingly hopeless process. In fact, one of the most important features of the book is the detailed exploration and explanation of how and why people get stuck – and how to get unstuck.

John Assaraf knows what he is talking about. He has “walked the walk” of his own advice while on his journey from youthful drug dealer and gang member known as The Street Kid, to successful entrepreneur, multi-millionaire, philanthropist, author, frequent media guest, and world-renowned behavioral expert.