“A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep…”
Alexander Pope (1688-1744)

from "An Essay on Criticism"

Quik, easy solutions to Chicago’s violence have been proffered for years: guns off the streets, stiffer prison sentences, more police, etc. Yet the violence persists.

The video we are adding to the Resources section of our website allows us to “drink deep” from the well of expert thinking and possible solutions.

Although the video is almost five years old – consisting of a panel of renowned speakers gathered at the City Club of Chicago to address the impact of Spike Lee’s Chiraq on violence in Chicago – it is timeless. Its value lies in the depth and breadth of thought brought to the discussion as well as the intellectual prowess of the panelists.

These include nationally renowned psychiatrist Carl C. Bell, M.D.; Honorable William D. “Will” Burns, former Alderman of Chicago’s 4th ward; award-winning columnist and author John W. Fountain; and Reverend Dr. Michael Louis Pfleger, legendary activist pastor of St. Sabina’s Parish on Chicago’s South Side.