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December 25, 2021
A bonanza of books arrives.
They are all board books.
They are all for babies and the families that love them.
They are all brand new with sensory features.

The books were selected by Maria Hayley, President of The Freadom®️Road Foundation, Trenetta McLemore, Supervisor of the Preventive Initiative Program of Family Focus Englewood, Chicago, and Shavondra Stokes, Preventive Initative Case Manager.

In the photo these three are reviewing the books they had just unpacked from boxes personally delivered by staff of The Freadom®️ Road Foundation – just in time for the holidays.

The books were everything envisioned during the prior selection process. They were attractive – with sensory features such as lift the flap, touch the fabric, or smell the scent – educational, and in complete alignment with the Preventive Initiative Program’s home visiting curriculum. The books serve to promote cognitive, literacy, fine motor, and social and emotional skills – so critical in the earliest years for later success in school and in life.

Funding for the books and collaborative involvement of The Freadom®️ Road Foundation was made possible by the generous support of Kiwanis of LakeView Chicago as part of Kiwanis International‘s “Young Children: Priority One” initiative.

Left to right: Shavondra Stokes, Trenetta McLemore, Maria Hayley