This year, August 5, 2019, we lost author Toni Morrison – winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the National Humanities Medal and many more. President Barack Obama said of her writing “You can’t go wrong by reading or re-reading the collected works of Toni Morrison. Beloved, Song of Solomon, The Bluest Eye, Sula, everything else – they’re transcendent, all of them. You’ll be glad you read them.”

Oprah Winfrey was so deeply moved by Beloved – for which Ms. Morrison won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1988 – that she spared no effort or expense to obtain the movie rights to this book.

Beloved is the story of Sethe, a young slave woman who makes gut-wrenching choices for the future and a brief taste of freedom. Ms. Winfrey, who starred in the film said: “What I love about the story of Beloved is that it allows you to feel what slavery was like; it doesn’t just intellectually show you the picture. It puts a human face on it and makes it so personal you feel the pain.”

“When I finished reading the book I felt I’d been to the interior of what it is like to have endured and come out of slavery.”

Beloved is history, humanity and superb storytelling. It is available through the Resources section of our website.

While we have lost a beloved author, we have gained a Beloved Legacy.