ACCEPTANCE by Vincent Paul Collins (1915 - 1980)

Acceptance is only 24 pages long and small enough to fit into one’s back pocket. From there it can be quickly pulled out – in any sudden time of need – for instant calm and inspiration.

How do we know this?

Many years ago a teacher in a correctional facility high school shared his experience using this book. He said that whenever he gave it to one of his troubled incarcerated students “It was instant calm.”

No wonder Acceptance is a classic in Inspiration and Recovery Literature. Based on the also classic Serenity Prayer, it has been in print for decades. Millions – incarcerated or not – have turned to it for calm and counsel. Its author, Vincent Paul Collins (1915 – 1980), was, in fact, a counselor – as well as a priest, pastor and author. He was known for his tireless work in alcoholic rehabilitation and led many Alcoholics Anonymous retreats. Through Acceptance – years after his death – he counsels still, and is instantly accessible to those who carry his booklet in their back pocket.

By offering the link to Acceptance in the Resources section of our website we are encouraging – and making it easy for – friends and families of incarcerated loved ones to send them a copy of this booklet – and buy one for themselves.

Although not as easy to obtain as clicking on our Amazon link, Acceptance is also available from Hazelden Publishing for $1.07 by clicking on the button below.