On Sunday, April 28, 2019 Angie and Maria met at The Learning Center’s “Sharing Our Gifts” Fundraiser at the 19th Century Club in Oak Park, Illinois. Established by the parishioners of St. Luke in River Forest, Illinois and the Sisters of the Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation, The Learning Center supports adults in the North Lawndale and Little Village areas of Chicago “in their pursuit of an educational path to more confident and effective living”. That educational path is also a path out of poverty, hopelessness, joblessness and risk of incarceration – not only for themselves, but for their children as well.

United in their thinking that negative intergenerational cycles can be broken through learning and literacy, Angie and Maria recognized the related aims of The Learning Center and The Freadom® Road Foundation. They agreed to meet again to explore the possibilities of partnership in greater depth and detail.

(Left to Right) Angie Saucedo, President of The Learning Center and Maria Hayley, President of The Freadom® Road Foundation